TFC MFC Library - MFC 7.0 Compliant Description

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"TFC Gives you all the components your development team needs to display or select date and/ortime values in any application. By including a Month calendar control, a Year calendar controland it contains the most flexible tab control available. TFC makes it easy to incorporate robustcalendar features in your program\'s interface today. Choose from multiple calendar displayformats (year, month, week, day, or range of days). Create your own custom calendar appearance orbegin by choosing from one of two AutoStyles to help you create commonly used calendar looks.Customize the Calendar control to use international or user-defined month, week, and day names.Choose a format for displaying the name of the week and much more. Ships with full MFC C++ SourceCode."

Publisher: | Download

Category: Programming > C++ Tools

Size: 3MB

OS: Win 95/98/NT/2000

Downloads: 25882

License: Demo

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