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So-net. OpenSource CRM-system for your office!Using this soft you\'ll abble to solve a wide range of problems reffering to general activity arrangement of your company and collaboration with clients. The program includes a number of modules necessary for office workers, managers and company executives.Collaboration with customers.You have a possibility to make lists contained information about all companies collaborating with you. Then you can bind some data to each company of your database, for example, price lists, invoices, contracts, payments, orders and any necessary files. The function of multistep search allowes you to find the information in a matter of seconds.The program contains the organizer "Tasks" where you can remind yourself of some importent developments and plan your working time.Using Sonet you can more quickly fulfil the things having been taken much time before, for example, invoicing or payments account.Managers\' workIn the "Manager" section each manager can see the list of companies he deals with and edit information bound with them. Also there are such services as feedback to all e-mail addresses of your database, messaging between system users, organizer "Tasks" and contacts accounting.So-net allows you to fix all contacts(calls, meetings, letters etc.) with your partners and customers.Statistical calculations.All operations made by So-net users fixe in the statistic section. There program administrator or director of a company can find data about all users\' queries and made operations(it\'s include). Also the section includes the archive where you can save important statistic data.There is the section of diagrams where you can veiw and print graphs of managers\' busy condition, managers\' profitability, company profitability and company general activity.In addition.The program has flexible structure so it\'s basic configuration can be added with another sections and modules by your order.

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Category: Business > CRM

Size: 0.72MB

OS: Win 95/98/NT/2000

Downloads: 23473

License: Freeware

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