SmoothDraw Description

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New for 3.1.2
+ Bug fixes
+ Improved performance of layers
+ Added ability to click on brush size preview to resize brush.

New for 3.1.0
+ Added stencil functionality.
+ Fixed copy/paste blue background issue when .NET 2.0 SP1 is installed.

New for 3.0.8500
+ Fixed a brush stroke bug. Strokes look more natural now.
+ New for 3.0.8110
+ Fixed GIF transparency bug.
+ Fixed a bug in FreeImage wrapper. This bug may cause failure when open or close file.
+ Upgrade FreeImage to version 3.9.3.

New for 3.0.7100
+ Added smudge tool.
+ Added clone brush.
+ Added Chinese localization.

New for 3.0.7071
+ Added new hatch brush.
+ Add/Delete Layer functionality is enabled.
+ Allows drag file to canvas.
+ Many bug fixes.

New for 3.0
+ UI is simplified.
+ Added PSD, PCD, PCX, DDS format support.
+ Shortcut key for tool buttons. (Same as Photoshop)
+ Middle mouse button is used to drag canvas. (Same as 3DS Max)
+ Added support to import or export layer image.

Publisher: | Download

Category: Audio And Video > Graphics Editors

Size: 2MB

OS: Win 95/98/Me/NT/2000/XP/Vista

Downloads: 21672

License: Shareware

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