SmartBroker Pro Description

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SmartBroker identifies stock opportunities, by defining market trends, and announcing which stocks are about to fall, and which are about to rise BEFORE they move. Manages Quote Downloading, Price&Volume Trend Analysis, Market Phase Identifier, Buy&Sell Recommendations, and Forecast Report Cards on itself. SmartBroker can track and report on over 30,000 stocks, which is currently more than is reported. You will need end-of-day quotes from a quote provider service. Many services provide these quote files for free including EODData . You can also subscribe to a flat-rate account such as Prophet Financial Systems, Inc. (650-322-4183) which provides the data file for {^} $19.95/month (unlimited access). Users can download this file with any ftp capable browser (Netscape, AOL, MicroSoft Exchange, etc...). Or, you can use practically any exported ASCII text quote file from other software packages (see list of data sources from the SmartBroker home web-page). Users can start with SmartBroker Lite (1000 stocks max for $29), or SmartBroker Standard (1000 stocks max for $59) or go directly to SmartBroker Pro (all stocks for $239).

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Category: Education And Reference > Learning Tools

Size: 4.50MB

OS: Win 95/98/NT/2000

Downloads: 23029

License: Shareware

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