Responsive Time Logger Description

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Responsive Time Logger Version 4, is a major upgrade to the popular Time and Billing program for PC\'s and Palm devices. This new release addresses the time tracking needs of both computer novices (wimps) and power users (wizards)."We\'ve been amazed at the range of computer literacy among our customers."says Responsive Software\'s CEO, Al Macy,"In this new version we found ways of accommodating the needs of computer neophytes without short-changing the power users, and vice versa."FEATURES FOR WIMPSFor example, novices can choose to work with simplified menus, hiding the features they are unlikely to use. They also benefit from a guided tour, tutorial, a generous"How To"section in the online help, and numerous tips of the day. Each time they enter a new part of the program, a one-time orientation dialog will appear, providing additional guidance.On the Palm device, almost every dialog includes a button for displaying extensive help.DUAL WIMP/WIZARD FEATURESOther features have a dual Wimp/Wizard interface. For example, wimps can sort and filter their database of time records using simple handholding dialogs, while wizards can use powerful SQL commands to analyze the data.FEATURES JUST FOR WIZARDSAt the top end of the spectrum, Power Users will find plenty to sink their teeth into. Since Time Logger stores all data in standard Microsoft Access (mdb) format, they can use other database applications to analyze or present their time records. An integrated database editor even allows wizards to view and edit the nuts and bolts of all the Time Logger databases as well as any other mdb database on their system.The flagship wizard feature, however, is Time Logger\'s VBA (Visual Basic for Applications) macro facility. It allows users to write Visual Basic programs to control Time Logger\'s actions.

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Category: Business > Finance Tools

Size: 4.01MB

OS: Win 95/98/NT/2000

Downloads: 25831

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