PC Desktop Spy Keylogger Description

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PC Desktop Spy Keylogger is definitely your most suitable choice for the purpose of supervising your laptop or computer once you are out. It could not just log all the keystroke tapped with your keyboard, but as well as capture computer screen photos instantly at set intervals exactly like a stealth camera. This specific keylogger helps you to save all keystroke along with screen grab report and sends it to your specified mailbox automatically, so you\'re able to monitor the users remotely without the need of physical require. This valuable hidden software program runs confidentially, it operates as soon as Windows begin, presents absolutely no windows during the course of runtime, doesn\'t have image and shortcut, it also can certainly cover screenshot and keystroke storage location. For that reason, it is impossible for other users to find this monitor computer software, enables you to be the only person that could watch the report. This spy keylogger can be fixed to catch active windows only, do not take screenshot when keyboard and computer mouse are idle for X second( it is adjustable ), as well as only get screenshot when certain program you arranged is active. These help this hidden software to perform much more flexible and save more storage area. PC Desktop Spy Keylogger really is a user-friendly graphical interface program that makes it simple for first timers. Besides it could possibly peaceful co-existence along with anti virus software. It\'s really a amazing program for keeping an eye on your children and spouse using computer or even finding an untrusted co-worker.

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Category: Internet > Online Privacy

Size: 849KB

OS: Win 95/98/Me/NT/2000/XP/Vista/7

Downloads: 30644

License: Shareware

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