Oracle Tool Description

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OracleTool is a powerfull and ergonomic tool dedicated to the management and
the tuning of Oracle™ Databases.
It is possible to edit, modify, create and drop all type of objects from Oracle™ Databases.
Endow with a powerfull PL/SQL EDITOR, tuning and statistics functions, OracleTool
is enable to manipulate data (Filters, sorts, import and export).
OracleTool is fully compliant with Oracle™ tools like SQL+, Import et Export.
Supported Languages:
French, English, Spanish and German

Major Update : 1.7.0
see Website for more information

Publisher: | Download

Category: Programming > Database Development

Size: 1703MB

OS: Win 95/98/NT/2000

Downloads: 25838

License: Freeware

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