Olympic Immigration Description

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Olympic Immigration can prepare custom-made US immigration forms and instructions for submission to the US immigration services. Olympic Immigration can automatically choose the forms relevant to your case, fill out the forms, prepare a custom-made cover letter with a list of supporting evidence required and prepare detailed custom-made instructions. Olympic Immigration can also watch out for red flags and refer you to an immigration attorney if necessary.
At the moment Olympic Immigration can assist you with the following immigration procedures:
* obtain permanent resident status (green card) based on a US citizen husband/wife
* obtain permanent resident status (green card) based on a US citizen child over 21
* obtain permanent resident status (green card) and/or US citizenship based on a US citizen parent
* obtain permanent resident status (green card) based on a US citizen stepparent
* help you remove the conditions on your residence if you are a conditional permanent resident based on a recent marriage
* verify if you are already a US citizen and help you obtain proof of citizenship
* verify if you qualify to apply for citizenship and prepare an application for naturalization

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OS: Windows 2000

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