Navicat Data Modeler (Linux) - Database Design Tool - Creating Data Models Description

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Navicat Data Modeler is a powerful and easy-to-use database design tool for creating and manipulating data models. It supports various database systems, including MySQL, Oracle, SQL Server, PostgreSQL and SQLite.
The main features in Navicat Data Modeler are:
- Build model with multiple schemas
- Multiple diagram editing
- Crow\'s Foot, IDEF1x and UML notations
- Create/edit/drop database objects
- Create/edit/drop relations
- Auto layout
- Zoom in/Zoom out
- Aligning and distributing database objects
- Adding vertices, layers, images and notes/labels
- Unlimited Undo/Redo capability
- Import from local/remote MySQL, Oracle, PostreSQL, and SQLite
- Import connections from Navicat family
- Connection through SSH/HTTP
- SSL secure connection
- Support of character set and Unicode
- Comparing and synchronizing database/model
- Generating complex SQL/DDL
- Search filter
- Print the database diagram to PDF file
- Save the database diagram as a graphic file, i.e. PNG, SVG
With Navicat Data Modeler\'s features, users can easily create high quality data models and understand database structures.

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Category: Business > Database Management

Size: 51200KB

OS: Linux

Downloads: 19979

License: Shareware

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