MicroWorld Anti Virus Toolkit Description

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MicroWorld Technologies Inc.has developed a free eScan AntiVirus toolkit utility, thatwill help you diagonize if your machine is infected by a virus. This tool also cleans your registry and other system areas of the damage that a virus could have done. The best part of eScan toolkit utility, is its ability toA. Check running processes in memory,B. Check illegal dialers running in memory and inform the user.C. Inform users of any background (legal) sniffers or tools running inmemory.This utility will be updated once-a-week with the latest virus signaturedatabases or when a virus epidemic occurs.Please do take note that eScan toolkit utility is"free"to use andcomes with no warranty/guarantee. We will do our best to keep it bug-freeand keep it as updated as possible. It will not have any"guard"or"monitor"component (for which you will have to"buy"theregular version of eScan).Do report your feedback and suggestions to us. MicroWorld... it willalways be our endeavor to add confidence to computing :-)

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Category: Utilities > Anti Virus

Size: 3.50MB

OS: Win 95/98/NT/2000

Downloads: 21546

License: Freeware

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