MetaSeeker Toolkit Description

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MetaSeeker is an off-the-shelf professional web data extraction tool kit. It is most suitable for integrating it into a vertical search engine, web services on price comparision, competitive intelligence analysis, data mining and so on.MetaSeeker, a GUI-based extractor factory, creates extractor for a target site in minutes without coding a single line, which sharply decreases operation costs.Precise data extraction from the Web is one of MetaSeeker\'s differentiated features. The noise information are effectively inhibited from the results.The harvest files, in format of XML, are like tables in a relational database where each field of the table holds just contents in exact semantics. Further manipulation against the results becomes very straight-forward with the help of data schema. At the same time, the manipulation doesn\'t need person\'s involvement to handle special case. This is a must for manipulating and mining data in bulk.

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Category: Internet > Network Tools

Size: 0.48MB

OS: Win 95/98/Me/NT/2000/XP/Vista

Downloads: 34032

License: Shareware

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