Medusa Description

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Medusa is a tool for finding files of any type (such as images, movie-clips and mp3s) on Web pages and downloading them. You start by entering an address to a Web page and Medusa searches for the filetypes you are interested in on this page and all pages found up to a specified level. The level is useful for limiting the result when starting on a Web page with many links to other pages. You can limit the result even more if you choose to stay within the starting server. You can set up a default download folder so files can be downloaded really easy by simply double-clicking on them. Files can also be downloaded by drag \'n drop and copy and paste in a familiar Explorer-style way. Medusa has a built in JPEG viewer and JPEG images are decoded and displayed in Medusa while they are being downloaded. If a file has a thumbnail the thumbnail is downloaded and displayed in Medusa; making it easy to choose which files to download. Found files are grouped by the servers they are located on in a very well-arranged manner which is useful for downloading e.g. series of images. The multithreaded architecture allows for many concurrent downloads and searches on pages for files. This means that you will save a lot of the time it would take to surf the web for the files traditionally. Version 1.1 is free from ads. It also has a new slide show feature and the option to only show files that has thumbnails pointing to them.

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Category: Internet > Search Tools

Size: 1.48MB

OS: Win 95/98/NT/2000

Downloads: 22027

License: Freeware

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