MasterChart Description

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Easy to use .NET charting controls for ASP.NET and Windows Forms applications.The package includes Graph, Line, Area, Bar and Pie Chart components. Each of them can be fully customized via the hundreds properties and methods exposed. All controls support data-binding for fast and easy database reports. Data for visualization can be also provided programmatically.The MasterChart component∑ Redistribution is royalty free;∑ Assembly is strong-named;∑ Is digitally signed;∑ Can be purchased with source code;∑ Is written in C#;Line/Area charts∑ No limits for the count of graphics per chart;∑ Summary operations;∑ Separate as well docked graphics;∑ Possibility to set data for both chart axes;∑ Four different axes labels types;Bar charts:∑ Drawing of a summary in a group or in one multicolored bar;∑ Cascading or docked bars;∑ Adjustment of bar width and distance between bars/bar groups;∑ Initial offset of the bars as to the beginning of the axis;∑ Four different axes labels types;Pie charts:∑ Several pies in one chart;∑ Different labels types;∑ Labels inside and outside pie segments;∑ Legend for each pie in the group;Programming∑ Numerous methods and properties for customizing the chartís appearance;∑ Different control DLLs for use of MasterChart in Windows or web applications;∑ Tested programming example with each property/method.Built with 100% managed code and the C# language. Source code can be purchased too.MindFusion provide free technical support for both registered clients and evaluators. Besides, with their initial purchase customers are entitled to 6 month upgrade subscription.MasterChart is royalty free for client and server side use.

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Category: Programming > VB Components

Size: 1.6MB

OS: Win 95/98/NT/2000

Downloads: 42450

License: Commercial

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