MSSQL to MySQL Migrator Description

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MSSQL to MySQL database conversion tool accurately converts database attributes as well as structure of tables into MySQL Server format. MSSQL data migration tool that helps the conversion and transfer of database schemas, indexes into required MySQL database. Database migration tool converts row column table’s attributes, keys indexes, constraints values, primary keys, validations, constraints of database into desired MySQL format. Utility offers a unique mechanism to verify the migrated data internally using database migration verifier that checks all records and maintains ACID properties of database. Data base integration program gives option depending on your privileges, you can export MSSQL data into new database or overwrites the contents of an existing data records. Software offers an open, user friendly, simple and extensible migration process ensuring reliability and data integrity. Data Migration tool quickly exports tables (structures and data entry) of large database records into other formateasily and efficiently. MSSQL database conversion tool maintains database consistency and accuracy during conversion process. MSSQL database converter provides attractive user interface graphical wizard that help user to migrate database easily.Features:* MSSQL to MySQL database conversion tool translate MSSQL database format to MySQL server record.* Database migration converts data tables either selective partially or whole data transfer.* Automatic database converter converts indexes, primary keys, relations, null, values, constraints and validations into desired MySQL format supports Unicode architecture.* Migration tool supports safe secure and guaranteed data conversion maintains database consistency and integrity.* Data base migration software supports mixed mode as well as windows mode authentication.* Easy to install and simple to use tool with user friendly and intuitive GUI wizard.

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Category: Business > Database Management

Size: 1.39MB

OS: Windows NT/2000

Downloads: 23368

License: Shareware

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