Karnaugh Minimizer Description

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Boolean Algebra assistant programis an interactive program extremely easy to use.A must-have tool for the freshmen electricalengineering student.The program is intended for the developers of smalldigital devices or simply of radioamateurs, and asfor those who is familiar with Boolean algebra, forthe electrical engineering students. The programallows to minimize Boolean function by a graphicmethod of Karnaugh maps. A must-have tool for thefreshmen electrical engineering student.The given program is called to facilitateminimization of Boolean function by a method ofKarnaugh maps. The program has the simple andconvenient interface, evident image of receivedresults of minimization.The program draws theso-called largest circle and displays the primeimplicant solution.Program Features:-= Shows output in either SOP or POS format-= Create circuit from boolean formula-= Create VHDL code from boolean formula-= Handle maximum 23 boolean variables-= Will find and eliminate redundant terms-= Will handle don\\'t care conditions.-= Allows you to click on a term in a given expression and view it on the map.The program will indicate the corresponding term with a fill cells.-= Draws 2,3, 4, 5,6,7,8 variable Karnaugh Map-= Simplifies expressions that you type in.-= Fill map with several ways -[ Truth table, Sets, Boolean formula ]-= Multi lingual user interface. You can add your native language to program.-= Allow to edit variables names to different than A,B,C... etc.-= Export Map to HTML table to easyer creation of synthesis reports.-= Automated creation of reports.

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Category: Education And Reference > Math

Size: 1.44MB

OS: Win 95/98/Me/NT/2000/XP

Downloads: 27808

License: Shareware

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