FreeMem Professional Description

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FreeMem increases your PC\'s performance by optimizing Microsoft Windows memory management. You can avoid many system lockups by running this improved RAM-Optimizer. By freeing up some RAM regularly (e. g. every 30 minutes), you ensure that Windows Memory Management does its homework. This feature runs in the background and will not interfere with your work. However, you will notice the results. You can always free up any amount of RAM by just a mouse click. While working heavily with your PC, you might notice that it\'s getting slower and slower. This is because your RAM is taken away. If a customizable amount of memory is reached, an emergency free up can be scheduled to take place. All background operations are subject to idle-detection. FreeMem never interferes with your current working as it waits for some idle time to do the free-up. You can configure this option to your liking. FreeMem delivers you a graphical chart of free physical RAM. Using this chart, you can verify the results of FreeMem\'s work. Usethis statistics to optimize your other settings. For your convenience, you can display the current available amount of RAM in the title-bar so that it is always visible, even if FreeMem is minimized. FreeMem can show valuable information inside tray icons. A memory chart, a CPU chart and a status indicator can be shown. A small menu can pop up from here, which is configurable to free up any amount of RAM you like. After you turn on your PC, one of the heaviest usages of Windows starts. A lot of stuff has to be loaded and initialized. After that, usually a lot of RAM is wasted, because you just don\'t need all the features Windows loads. It is essential that you free up a good amount of RAM right before you start working. We suggest: Leave this to FreeMem and don\'t worry about this any more.

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Category: Utilities > System Utilities

Size: 0.79MB

OS: Win 95/98/NT/2000

Downloads: 38715

License: Shareware

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