Flying Doughman Description

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Once upon a time, an old childless woman decided to make somethingthat could relieve her dull days. So, she made dough and cooked twopretty koloboks - a girl and a boy. She called them Doughmans. Thelady wanted them to be raised together and then marry. Everythingwas good - the old woman was very happy when she was watching thesmiling faces of her grandchildren who always played together, andkids enjoyed the company of each other. Once an evil wind sprang upand carried off the Doughman - girl. That wind was a servant of a WickedSorcerer who put the girl in a guarded room at the top of the tallestDungeon to make her serve for himself.On the long and hard way up, tons of magic obstacles will bewaiting for our hero. Only dexterity, quick though and smartness willhelp Doughman to overcome all the obstacles. Doughman has to defeat many enemieson his way to rescue his beloved.And of course, any player will appreciate one of the most exciting features of this game – at any room game can be saved. This allows passing the most difficult places by repeated trials.System requirements: 800 MHz, 256 MB, GeForce 2 or Radeon 7000

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Category: Games > Misc Games

Size: 9.22MB

OS: Win 95/98/NT/2000

Downloads: 19239

License: Shareware

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