Floppy Stegano DOS Description

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Floppy Stegano is easy to use tool for hiding your important data on floppy disks. Floppy Stegano can store files in special security area of floppy disk. This area is not used by standart formats (<= 1.44 Mb) and stays free. So even if floppy disk will be formatted after copying files to security area, these files will not be erased. Moreover you can use even unformatted disks and disks with bad sectors. No one even will think that these unworking floppy disks contains important security information. Moreover, Floppy Stegano packs and encrypts files before writing them to floppy. So your files will be unreadable for all disk utilities. For your convenience we developed Floppy Stegano Reader as addition to main program module. Floppy Stegano Reader is very small utility which can only read files from security area.In summary, with Floppy Stegano you are able to:- Format security area of floppy disks- Hide your important information (up to 40Kb)- Examine what files are already stored- Copy security files from one floppy disk to another

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Category: Utilities > Misc Utilities

Size: 0.02MB


Downloads: 34924

License: Freeware

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