CleanReg Description

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CleanReg is a housekeeping tool used to find and remove invalid file references from the Windows Registry. It is fast and thorough. CleanReg3 doesn\'t automatically clean the Registry -- it finds unresolved links and provides a way for you to make the decision to manually remove the links. Just start the program to complete the Registry scan. Five separate windows show missing files and associated references. In addition to all referenced files, undo logging, and a hidden list. The key to using CleanReg3 involves navigating the Missing File Tree. When you select a file, another window shows specific references. You can right-click the file to delete the reference, set it to a null value, or move it to the hidden list so it won\'t show up in subsequent scans. An undo file allows you to restore your system if you encounter any problems.

3.7 is another major change release for CleanReg. Integrated registry undo (merge) has been added. The very functional release is still free but some of the features do require a nominal $19US registration.

Not designed for the novice because it does not automatically clean or make decisions, it presents the information for the user to make the decision.

Publisher: | Download

Category: Utilities > System Utilities

Size: 800KB

OS: Win 95/98/Me/NT/2000/XP

Downloads: 19483

License: Shareware

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