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In today√Ę‚?¨‚?Ęs time of increased cybercrime incidences, you cannot simply rely on regulatory bodies and internet service providers to check or control inappropriate content on the internet. Being a responsible parent, you would need to devise appropriate ways to maintain effective control and guide your children all through their childhood days. Parental control utility is a remarkable child monitoring software which makes sure that you keep tabs on all the activities your child engages in on his/her computer.

Numerous news pieces are surfacing from different parts of the globe which discuss active involvement of teens in online porn or child sexual abuse acts. This brings to light a sad state of affairs in the cyber world. The onus lies on parents to guide their children appropriately preventing them from engaging in such acts and falling prey to the malicious intentions of imposters. Parents are expected to guide their children effectively and control their computer usage or exposure to the internet. The parental control utility does just the right thing for a worried guardian. Once installed properly, the software maintains logs of internet and application activities of the user on his/her computer. Further, it captures all the clipboard contents and keystrokes made on the keyboard. It also offers the option of real time monitoring of computer activities by taking screenshots at every mouse click or at specified time intervals. Moreover, it allows for adjusting log size and duration of reports. The option of receiving emails at a specified Email ID makes the parents aware of their child√Ę‚?¨‚?Ęs computer activities and enable them to keep an eye on them from a remote location.

Its intuitive interface and guided implementation steps make it an ideal utility even for busy parentsto monitor their children. Get armed to be a responsible parent and make the computing experience safe for your kid.

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