Abundance Genie DSPP Description

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Abundance Genie DSPP Magical Wish Granting VISUAL Subliminal Perception Program DEMO. WIN/MACGet your wishes fulfilled and increase your abundance and prosperity by activating your unconscious power of manifestation.Abundance Genie DSPP is a very special and unique digital subliminal perception program that uses visual brain wave stimulation to help you unleash the power of your personal Genie - your unconscious mind - to make your wishes, desires and fondest dreams come true in a way that is beneficial to you and those around you. The result is abundance and prosperity in many areas of your life.It\'s interactive! You see a clickable list of wishes gleaned from studies on what people most desire – and get for themselves.You think about what you want in abundance in your life then click on a wish from the list that most closely matches your desire.You preview a set of subliminal affirmations that support and empower your wish. If you want to change your wish, you can go back to the list and choose a more appropriate wish.When you are satisfied with your wish, you click on your Abundance Genie to start the DSPP part of the program -- called a Session.You relax and watch your Session on the screen. It automatically runs for 15 minutes - the optimal time period for subliminal exposure.Your unconscious mind - your Genie - becomes empowered and goes to work granting your wish.After your Session, you just go about your activities and let your unconscious mind - your Genie - do its work, easily and naturally in the way and time that it knows is best for you. Soon you notice your abundance and prosperity increasing in what seem like magical ways-- the magic is in you!Demo is limited to three wish categories, Retail version has 14 categories PLUS Activator phrase (TM) for power boost.Start getting your wishes granted today!

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Category: Home And Leisure > Hobbies

Size: 2.39MB

OS: Win 95/98/Me/NT/2000/XP

Downloads: 20799

License: Demo

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