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Meet MicroBlots, the most attractive creatures you\'ve ever seen! They welcome you to have fun together. Let\'s paint castles in the Magic Kingdom of Microblots. You\'ll be fond of this tiny smiling Blots! Become a real Knight of the brush!

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Break the secret codes of color pebbles!
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Highly Relaxing game.Swap jewels and align them in a line. When 3 or more jewels are aligned in a line, the jewels are cleared and you score points.Two game modes,Endless levels with hundreds of backdrops, exquisite jewel graphics and pleasing music
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Finally someone came upon the idea to flatten out the hate Rubik cube! The original puzzle set on the base of multi-colored crossing circles. Restore the initial order by rotating a tangle of colors!
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You are recruited by a private detective. The mission is to assist him in tracking down the criminals. The culprits have left cipher words behind them. The smirks of the offenders will tickle your ambition to accomplish the investigation ASAP.
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