Monthly Archives: November 2010

Uniblue Registry Booster

Uniblue Registry Booster software is very useful in keeping your computer clean, fast and protected from the errors which may slow down the computer.

It improves the health and increases the performance of your computer. URB is available free to download from web. It scans faster than any antivirus and keeps the PC updated. It has many features like automatic scanning on the startup of computer, restoring data, and more.

Uniblue Registry Booster is very easy to operate. It has overview, registry scan and restore settings. This software provides the detailed information right on the fist screen of software. On the left side there will be health meter option which shows to what extents your pc is performing. In the middle there will be start scan button and last registry scanned. On the right side there will be a summary about the errors which shows how many errors have been found including invalid errors and how many defrags have been performed up to the date. The best part is that it automatically backups the data before scanning.

Text Aloud

This software product quickly and accurately converts all written texts in to spoken words.

Text Aloud uses voice synthesis to convert text in to spoken audio. It can read Email, web pages and documents etc using your computer’s voice. By using this you can listen to email, online news or other documents while you are engaged in some other activities. Texts having MP3 or WMA conversion can be saved in audio format and can be easily downloaded.

Text Aloud is a simple and easy to use text to speech utility software that offers text editing, pronunciation and voice changing facilities. In brief, Text Aloud is the best audio reader suited for Windows.

pdftk: The PDF Toolkit

If you don’t own Adobe Acrobat it can be a bit of a hassle to work with PDF files. Sure, there are a number of programs to allow you to print to PDF files without using Acrobat, but how about a free tool to manipulate them?

pdftk is a command-line utility that runs on Windows, Linux, Mac, and other operating systems. It is slightly complex because of the number of features it supports, but works brilliantly for common tasks such as extracting pages from one PDF into their own PDF, combining PDFs, using password protection, and adding watermarks to documents.

pdftk should also be of interest to you if you are a programmer that might need to automate PDF-related tasks. Because it works on multiple platforms, pdftk can be a handy utility to call from web applications that need to manage PDF. The program also has the ability to fill PDF forms from FDF/XFDF formatted files or standard input, so if, for example, you find yourself in the position of wanting to fill a series of PDF forms from something like Microsoft Excel using a VBA macro, pdftk might be just what you need.