Monthly Archives: November 2008

Stop Computer From Freezing

Every normal computer user could suffer a system-crash. When it happens, you will lose all of your work.

That’s not good for people who always forget to backup their work! When your system crashes, the first thing to do is press the combo “Ctrl+Alt+Del” but sometimea the combo can’t solve the problem. That’s when you need AntiFreeze v1.01 – an anti-system crash program. It not only can easily get you out of trouble but also backup every part of your work. AntiFreeze is a free and very useful program. All you do is “point and click” and its main window will appear. From there you can easily close any “not resposding” programs which are crashing your system! If you’re looking for a cheap solution to protect your computer and your work, AntiFreeze is your choice.


WhiteSmoke is a pioneering software tool that perks up and revises your English writing.

Based on patented natural language processing (NLP) technology, WhiteSmoke executes superior and context-based English grammar, spelling, and punctuation checking, as well as text enrichment to enhance your writing. From well-written letters and emails to friends, through to specialized business citations and presentations. I have been using this tool particularly for blogging to a great extent.

OSI Model

Open System Interconection Model is used for communication between two computers. It has seven layers. I will describe the layers one by one.

1. Physical Layer: It is the lower layer of OSI. In this we select the voltage level used for representing 0 & 1.
2. Data Link Layer: In this layer, data is divided into frames and sent to Physical layer.
3. Network Layer: Here data is divided into packets.logical address is also given in this layer.
4. Transport Layer: This layer provides error free channel.
5. Session Layer: This layer controls the login sessions.
6. Presentation Layer: In this layer data is encryted and compressed.
7. Application Layer: All the various protocols are included in this layer like http,ftp,SMTP etc. This layer directly interacts with the user.


TVersity is a free media extender with transcoding capability.

As our gaming consoles have become much more powerful and begin also acting as the center of home theater systems, a glaring limitation is found, in that their internal storage is extremely limited, and physical media is clunky at best. Media centers allow you to stream/serve media from a PC. However, many consoles have limited streaming formats they will accept. TVersity helps overcome this, as it has the ability to transcode the files on the fly, so by and large, regardless of what format your media is, it will allow you to play it on your console. We have used this with the Microsoft Xbox 360, and it was not only easy to use, but worked very well. It still has some trouble with newer formats, but is heavily supported and updated as issues are found.


PCORD 5 is a statistics program for accomplished statisticians.

It deals with non-parametric statistics using multidimensional methods to reduce the amount of data used to describe a model for anything from music choices to environmental data. It provides clustering methods, dynamic graphing in both two and three dimensions, and allows for generated reports in addition to the usual tools found in other statistics programs such as summary statistics and linear models. However, the program is designed especially for use with models that include nonlinear data that has caused problems with other statistical models.