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Allway Sync File Syncronizer

I am currently using a software program known as Allway Sync 7.1.2 Pro.

The software allows you to automatically track changes and additions/deletions of files. I use mine to ‘sync’ my flashdrive with my desktop. The software works flawlessly and easily and allows me to be sure that I will never lose a copy of my important files. As a special educator I have report cards, IEPs (legal student related documents), lesson plans and materials. I need to know that my years of materials won’t get lost or corrupted. Recently I actually fell in a lake while fishing and I had my flashdrive in my pocket! Fortunately the drive was undamaged, but if it was ruined I am secure knowing that my files are accurately saved throughout my workday on my desktop! I LOVE this program. The program lets you set up specific folders to ‘mirror’ or ‘shadow’. The software works well with removable drives, second hard drives, networks/servers, etc. Best of all the software is FREE up to a certain level of usage. I monitor around 3,000 files so I had to pay for it, but the program only cost me $20.00! A great value for such powerful and solid software!

Sudoku For iPhone

If you are a Sudoku fanatic and have an iPhone, there is a website just for you:

This site offers the most intuitive interface for Sudoku since the pencil. There are new puzzles every day and they are offered at seven levels of difficulty ranging from Beginner to Fiendish. Even the ‘Moderate’ setting offers a challenging puzzle and they go up from there. One nice feature is that once you select a number to work on, the game highlights all of those already on the board. If you make a mistake by placing a number on a line already occupied it displays the number in red, so you don’t fat-finger your way into a wrecked puzzle. When you finish a puzzle the system tells you what percentage your time ranks among all the others who have played!

EBlaster Child Monitor

EBlaster activity reports from Spectorsoft has put my mind at ease!

As the parent of two teenagers and a preteen, all of whom are computer savvy, I had three additional computers or laptops in my home running and I did not know what they were doing on line. The purchase of EBlaster was an investment in my peace of mind! The EBlaster is simply loaded onto the computer your child uses most often and in turn it sends hourly reports to YOUR email address. It sends a complete report as well as specifics about “chats”, “myspace activity” and email your child both sends and receives. In the world wide web world, with so much available at the push of a button, I can feel secure being informed about what my children are doing on line, who they are talking too and what information they are getting and giving out. If there is a problem, I can be on top of it. MY children don’t know this program is on their computer as it can be placed into a stealth mode. This allows them to feel free on line and not feel as if I do not trust them. In fact, I do trust my children, it is the internet I worry about. EBlaster, lets me breathe easier while my children are on line!


I am currently using StanPak for my Distributing Company’s operating needs. StanPak offers great versatility in the way of customer service.

However, it lacks reporting capabilities and most accounting functions. Applications such as Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable are not so user friendly, and require hours of work to correct mistakes. I must admit however, that in the 5 years we have been utilizing this system (we came from QuickBooks) the Development Team has made leaps and bounds in GUI, and user friendly-ness. Reporting is still a problem. Information is not easily retrievable and without SQL knowledge you will have difficulty getting exactly what you need. They have all kinds of programs you can run to generate multiple reports from which you can pull the information. Most any program needed is an extra “module” or a Custom Report (ie: billable). Don’t get me wrong, StanPak is, as far as I’m concerned, the cream of the crop in JanSan Software. The other available software packages pale in comparison. The support is great and very obliging. And I will repeat with each upgrade they make leaps and bounds in all lacking areas.

Light Weight Directory Access Protocol

LDAP is a set of open protocols used to access information over a network which is centrally stored. LDAP stand for Light Weight Directory Access Protocol.

Now a directory is a specialized database designed for searching and browsing and normally has added support for basic lookup and update functions. LDAP was first designed to take advantage of the complex X.500 directory services for light weight activities. Initially, it was seen as a very good tool for email addresses lookup in the net but owing to the problem of spam, this idea was dropped. LDAP got the new life with the advent of GRID COMPUTING which is set to change the whole scenario of resource sharing over the network. The LDAP information model is based on entries which is a collection of attributes that has a globally-unique Distinguished Name(DN).

The DN is used to refer to an entry unambiguously. Each entry further has a type which are mnemonic strings, like ‘mail’ for email or ‘cn’ for common name. In LDAP, directory entries are arranged in a hierarchical tree-like structure and this structure typically reflects the geographical and organizational boundaries over which the whole grid is spread. LDAP is optimized for read access which makes it suitable for a grid environment as more often than the operations are read than write. LDAP defines operations for interrogating,adding,renaming and deleting entries and updating the directory.The LDAP search operation allows certain parts of the directory to be searched for entries matching some required criteria. It also provides mechanism for a client to authenticate, paving the road to access control to protect the information contained in the server.

Task Killer

Task Killer is a small app that sits in your system tray and lets you kill tasks, close open program windows, start and stop Windows services and all with a couple of clicks.

It gives you a list of running processes along their memory usage, and highlights frozen tasks in red so you can easily single out the program that’s logging up your memory. It only takes up about a megabyte of RAM for itself, which isn’t much to have hanging around for dealing with a pesky process that just won’t let go. Some of the settings for Task Killer include starting at boot up, or confirming every task you want to kill. You can also set up excluded processes or services that you don’t want monitored by Task Killer and there’s also an option of a hotkey if you’re still used to Ctrl+Alt+Del! Task Killer is a simple way of getting rid of memory hogs for those sick of the default Windows task manager. It does its job pretty well and the best thing is that it’s free. A pretty good app to have around when you need it, a recommended download!